67 Sir Lattimore Brown was a true American original. As much a son of the Mississippi Delta as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters or Ike Turner, the story of his life and times offers us a glimpse of a bygone era we will never see again. Thought to have been dead for over twenty years, it was nothing short of a miracle for us to have played a part in his 2008 re-discovery and return to the land of the living. From Biloxi to Clarksdale, from Memphis to New Orleans and on to Nashville and New York, we walked these streets with this legendary Soul Survivor as he told us his incredible life story.

We would never be the same.

We brought the cameras with us back then, and shot hours of footage over the next couple of years - footage that we had high hopes for. Grandiose plans for a PBS style Documentary (you know, with Morgan Freeman narrating) or, hey, maybe one of those fast-moving Bio-Pics (with Keb-Mo playing the role of the young Lattimore) somehow never materialized. Faced with our perrenial lack of funding, as the years passed by the prospect of either of these ideas became more and more remote - but we still had all that film. With Sir Lattimore gone now for over a decade, we've decided it's time for us to share that footage with you, in the form of an ongoing documentary mini-series here on the site.

67One of Lattimore's most obscure sides (as in still not on YouTube), the haunting Only I Can Tell The Story was cut in Dallas in 1962. As we started work on the project, we were playing that record and it hit us like a bolt of lightning - "That's It!! Only Lattimore can tell the story!" So that's the concept. Please join us as we allow Sir Lattimore's personality to shine through as he speaks (and sings) to us once more, with new episodes posted here as we complete them. As we were told time and time again back then, "This ain't nothin' but God!" - and you know what? God is always on time...

- red kelly and chase thompson, August 2021

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- with Special Thanks to all of our Soul Detective partners and friends who played their own part in all of this, especially: Bob Wilson, Paul and Hannie Pollman, Sue and Bill Morris, Bettie and Tom Eugene, Wilma and Wraquel Spencer-Dukes, Al Brown, Chuck Chellman, Howard Grimes, Boo Mitchell, Jimmy Church, Saxy Ric, Darryl R. Johnson, Nikki Back, Mildred McRary, Ryan Walker, Aaron Little, Tim Sampson, Allan Laski, Ira Padnos, Kevin and Alethia Ford, Georgette, Grace and Nina Keller, Becky and Graham Thompson, Jim O'Neal and John Broven. In Loving Memory: Papa Don Schroeder, Sam Baker, Clifford Curry, Willie Mitchell, Skip Pitts, Marion James, Darryl Carter, Tommy Tate, Herbert Wiley, J.D. Mark, Little Buck Sinegal, John Gilson and Henry Henderson.